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hubei jiajia plastic co., ltd. possesses a group of sophisticated plastic processing equipment, among which the injection molding machines fulfill relatively heavy tasks. injection molding machine, also known as injection mould machine or injection machine, is a very important plastics processing equipment. it is the main equipment that can transform thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into various shapes of plastic products through plastic molding moulds. it has different types, including vertical, horizontal and full-electric types. the injection molding machines can heat up plastics and put high pressure on the molten plastics, so as to make it inject and fill into the mould cavity.


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hubei jiajia plastic co., ltd. has domestically advanced high-speed tube drawers. the tube products have good sealing and neat appearance. meanwhile, high quality, along with high quantity, is secured.



hubei jiajia plastic co., ltd imports blowing equipment and applies oil-free air bag mode-locking technology which is powerful in mode-locking and toggle into operation by less force with a long life span. by using patented flying-out sealing technology, sealing, especially jar sealing becomes easier for the production of low-density polyethylene vials. with the birth of high-density polyethylene and the development of blow molding machines, blow molding technology has been widely applied to polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, etc. the empty containers produced are widely used as packaging containers.