This is the SBCUSD Family Engagement web page! This web page is designed to ensure that our community has easy access to the resources and tools to make family and community life thrive. We call it SBCUSD Family University! We ask our families and community partners to use this page to help improve the lives of all of the families in our area. Share the resources found here with everybody you meet!

We designed this web page so that it works like an application. We did this so that it can be with you at all times. Think of it as a Family University in your pocket. If everybody has a Family University in their pocket, then everybody can be a leader in their family, community, and school. So how does it work?

Lets say that a person needs help for their child because they need a dentist. On the home page you would click on the Navigation button. That will take you to many resources around our community that support our families. Click on the dental button, and it will give you information for dental support. If you encounter someone who needs information about preschool. Click on the Orientation button in the home screen, and you will find information about preschool to share with them. Here is a description about what is found in each of the four areas of the SBCUSD Family University.

Orientation – find helpful links to SBCUSD programs available to families and students in our district.

Navigation – find links to help you access our community resources for basic and emergency needs (Universities, housing, etc.).

Leadership – find links and classes to help all of us be positive leaders in our homes and in our community.

Employment – offers many resources to improve your employment situation, and as a result your family’s quality of life.

In the home page you will also find quick links to some of our popular resource, a calendar of the family engagement events in our district, and information about our Family Engagement Centers.

Beyond just sharing information with others, many of the pages are structured so that you can conduct classes for your friends and family. Lets say that you are at your community center. You find that there is a group of people that need help with their resumé. Click on the employment button, and then on the resumé button. The information that comes up is structured for you to run a class off of. We even put a sample agenda for you to download and follow, if you like.

All of the resources found on the webpage are there for you to use for free! Together, lets change lives!



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