Parent Enrichment Workshop Series

At Lollipop & Associates, we firmly believe that parent and family engagement has a profound influence on children’s school success and that when parents are engaged, their children do better in school - and schools get better.  Our Connect 4 Success: Parents as Partners program offers parent enrichment workshops that provide parents with education and training while also providing techniques and skills to support their children’s academic success through learning at home.  We offer subject specific parent enrichment workshops that make connections to what their children should know and be able to do at the elementary, middle and high school level. 


The Connect 4 Success: Parents as Partners project seeks to provide parents with enrichment workshops that build their capacity to support their children’s learning at home. 

Parent enrichment workshop series will provide education and training to parents on strategies and techniques that: 

  1. Deepen their connection to their children
  2. Involve reading and math activities.
  3. Encourage discussion between parent and child.
  4. Identify subject specific activities to use at home to stimulate learning.
  5. Develop parents’ ability to monitor and support their children’s progress.

Workshop Topics

A-G Credit Requirements for High School Graduation

This presentation will identify the minimum number of credits and courses required for high school graduation in California. 

Connecting the Dots:  Helping Parents Integrate Teachable Moments at Home

This presentation brings attention to the educational resources and tools that parents can utilize with their children by putting simple techniques and creativity together. 

Middle School Matters

This presentation will help parents understand how to partner with educators to ensure that their children transition from elementary to middle school with adequate support from the family and school. 

Reading Comprehension

This presentation will focus on developing a parent’s understanding of how to raise a reader by highlighting that reading is about understanding, practicing effective reading strategies, learning new vocabulary, connecting to the text, and building confidence.

Reading Incentive Program –

This presentation will introduce parents to the online reading incentive program, Book as a free way to motivate their child to read.  Parents will learn how to help their child select books based on their interests, monitor their child’s reading progress and track quiz results.  The program includes a number of valuable resources with fun ideas and online tools.

Career Pathways:  A Jumpstart to Career Readiness

This presentation will outline what parents can do in elementary, middle and high school to ensure that their children identify their interests and work toward developing a career plan.  Career related coursework and practical application of academic learning. 

Preparing for College and Career:  What Parents Need to Know

This presentation will highlight the importance of ensuring that children graduate from high school and succeed through the process of planning and preparing for college and career.

Lollipop Logic ~ How to Teach Your Child to Think Critically

This presentation will focus on seven different thinking skills—relationships, analogies, sequences, deduction, inference, pattern decoding, and critical analysis.  Visual and pictorial clues will be used to introduce and reinforce high-powered thinking.

Parents Roadmap to the Common Core State Standards

This presentation will provide guidance to parents about what their children will be learning and how they can support that learning in grades K-8 so their children will be college and career ready when they graduate from high school.

Parent/Teacher Communication Tips

This presentation will focus how parents can partner with educators by developing effective communication strategies that consist of meeting with the teacher, being a positive partner in the learning experience, and how to keep lines of communication open.  Parents will learn the importance of providing information that will help the teacher get to know their child as an individual. 




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