Inland Temporary Homes

Two-step non-profit agency offering a 90-day shelter program and 21-24-month transitional housing program for homeless families with children under 18 years of age. Program requirements:

Must be a low-income homeless family living or staying in San Bernardino County.

Must have custody of at least one child age 17 years or younger or be a minimum of seven months pregnant.

Must have a continuous source of income.

Must be willing to participate in all programs and classes offered at ITH.

Couples must be married or be mutual parents of at least one child.


PO Box 239

Loma Linda, CA 92354


Central City Lutheran Mission

Offers a cold weather shelter for men over the age of 18. The shelter is open from November 1 through April 30. Guests are given a place to sleep in our sanctuary, a hygiene kit, dinner and breakfast, and an opportunity to take a shower. Guests are required to leave the shelter from 7:30 am until 7:00 pm but they are welcome to leave two bags of personal items in the shelter during the day. In partnership with HUD provides housing for

HIV positive homeless individuals. Residents are also provided individual case management, and group support in both Spanish and English.


1354 N. G Street

San Bernardino, CA 92405


Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County

This is a 12-month case management program available through referral only. The Obershaw Program is designed to assist low income homeless families in becoming self-sufficient and obtaining permanent housing.

Requirements to reside at the Obershaw House:

Client must be REFERRED to the program by an organization that is assisting them to obtain housing.

Client must be homeless.

Client must meet income guidelines.

Client must agree to case management and comply with an established case management plan.

Client MUST obtain employment within 30 days of entering program.

Program has a ZERO Tolerance for drugs/alcohol/violence.


696 S. Tippecanoe Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92408



Frazee Community Center

3 emergency shelters for men and one transitional shelter for male veterans. The Palm Shelter is for men, women and children.


1140 W. Mill Street

San Bernardino, CA 92401


Mary’s Mercy Center

Veronica's Home of Mercy is a long-term Catholic/Christian residential home for adult pregnant women and their children as an alternative living experience to abortion, domestic violence, substance abuse and/or homelessness.

Casa Merced I, Casa Merced II and Casa Merced III are re-entry homes. Once residents of Veronica's Home of Mercy have completed their program successfully, they have the opportunity to advance to these homes.


641 N. Roberds Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92411


Our House

Youth homeless/runaway shelter; 24 hour emergency services.


940 Stillman Avenue

Redlands, CA 92374

Hotline: 760-949-4357


Operation Grace

Operation Grace’s Women’s shelter assists single women who are in transition to get jobs, repair their credit and to save finances to ultimately reestablish their own permanent residence. Supportive services and transitional housing (18 month program), 6 day women’s shelter.


1595 Art Townsend Drive

San Bernardino, CA 92408


Option House, Inc.

Provides emergency overnight, temporary (approximately 60 days) and transitional (approximately 18 months) shelter to women and their families who are victims of domestic violence. (Support classes offered).


813 N. D Street

Suite A

San Bernardino, CA 92401

909-381-3471 – 24 hour crisis hotline

909-383-1602 – Information and Intake


Short term, 14 bed center for transitional age youth in crisis. Provides mental health services and counseling. Located in same building as the TAY One Stop Center


780 Gilbert Street – Building H

San Bernardino, CA 92415

909-763-4760, ext. 100

Salvation Army

Hospitality House is a shelter in San Bernardino for homeless families and for mothers with children. In the winter, the shelter makes a place for homeless men.

The shelter’s 70 beds are always full and there is a waiting list. Hospitality House offers a 14 day emergency stay. Then if residents save 75% of their income, they may qualify to stay for 90 days. Their money is converted into a money order and held in a Salvation

Army safe to help them get on their feet and move into independent housing. This agency provides motel vouchers when funds are available to women, women with children and men with children who are homeless.

Contact - Administration

746 W. 5th Street

San Bernardino, CA 92410


Contact – Shelter Location

925 W. 10th Street

San Bernardino, CA 92411


San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health

The Mentally Ill Homeless Program provides basic needs (food, housing, and clothing), case management, employment, and outreach services to homeless mentally ill adults in San Bernardino County. Limited availability for 30 days only.


820 E. Gilbert

San Bernardino, CA 92415


Young Visionaries Youth

Leadership Academy

For youth 17 and under: Safe Place to Sleep Everyday 24- Hours a Day; Walk In and Wash Clothes, Shower, Get Hot Meal, or for Education and Counseling Services Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


1331 W. Kendall Drive – Suite 2

San Bernardino, CA 92407

909-881-3382 – 24 hour hotline

Time for Change Foundation

Sweet Dreams: Women & Children Housing

Transitional facility for homeless women and their children. The hands-on support, parenting skill workshops, and daily activities designed to rebuild trust, develop self-sufficiency, and provide a nurturing atmosphere for the children and their parents,

Assistance with free clinical exams, WIC, education and vocational training, family planning services, and access to healthy childcare.

Mt. View: Single Women’s Housing

Transitional facility for single women also aims to provide necessary services and supports to it residents. Designed to assist women in the development of independent living skills, the program provides residents with the tools they need to get back on their feet and become active and healthy members of their communities.

Phoenix Square: Permanent Housing

A 7-unit apartment complex located in

Downtown San Bernardino. The residence is for low-income families who wish to change the course of their lives.

Youth employment and training 15- 21 years of age

Homeless local runaway Monday- Friday @ 5:30PM- 10:30PM and Saturday @ 12PM- 5PM


Mailing Address:

PO Box 25040

San Bernardino, CA 92406


1255 E. Highland Ave #211

San Bernardino, CA 92404


Family Engagement Leadership Development Office

1525 W. Highland Ave, San Bernardino CA, 92411

Phone: (909) 880-4057    Fax: (909) 880-6587

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