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Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy

From Pistols to Pencils: The Youth Advocacy

Training is designed to reduce the number of incarcerated youth, give young people a voice and to help recruit new members for the Pistols 2 Pencils Program. During this training youth are educated their rights, on policies and laws that affect them and trained to be youth organizers and to create campaigns to lobby for institutional and community changes that are of importance to them.

Team VIP Mentoring: V.I.P. is a program consisting of Gang Prevention & Intervention training with a focus in Leadership, allowing

YVYLA to instill useful qualities and important life skills and Anger Management, a study in self-respect, self-restraint, personal responsibility and healthy choices. With the support and participation of local agencies and the addition of a new mental health and substance abuse component, this program gives YVYLA the best chance to prevent youth from both beginning and living a destructive lifestyle.

After School Tutoring: Our after school program is designed to elevate the academic performance of those youth who need it. During this time the youth will have access to a computer as well as qualified tutors to assist them with a variety of subjects free of charge.

From Corners to College: Assisting high risk gang associated youth to find a way to receive the support that they and their families need to refrain from gang involvement and graduate from high school. Each youth will be assessed for unmet needs, they will be assigned a volunteer mentor who will commit their time to each youth, each youth will be scheduled to meet and design an educational plan that reviews strategies to assist the youth in getting to the goal of graduation from high school.

Community Outreach: Designed to encourage young people to be productive members of the community, this program teaches special needs teens that true success is achieved through the service of others rather than at the expense of others. Throughout the year our teens are involved in humanitarian projects such as helping senior citizens, feeding the homeless and various other services to members of the community.

Youth Violence Prevention Program: The mentoring program is collaboration with the

San Bernardino Police Officers Association comprised of several components focusing on challenging special needs teens to live a life of purpose and direction. In a time where young people are lacking positive role models and a sense of hope, it is important that we help them chart a course that leads to success and challenges them to be resilient in the pursuit of their dreams. This program is designed to give young people one on one attention from a positive adult who will help them set positive life goals and provide them with the tools and encouragement they need to achieve those goals.

Youth Employment Development Program: Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy (YVYLA) is pleased to announce its Youth Employment & Entrepreneur Training Program for youth 15-21 years of age. Youth will experience a real- life business setting within one of our YVYLA Business training facilities. The facility is a full service Business Services Company, established for the sole purpose of offering local youth participants, with on the job training and development.


1313 W. Kendall Drive – Suite 2

San Bernardino, CA 92407


Provisional Accelerated Learning (PAL) Center

Funded by the San Bernardino County

Private Industry Council (PIC), Project Earn and Learn is a 12-month program that provides employment, academics, vocational skill training, and job placement for 18-24 year old low-income youth. This program has two objectives: to train youths countywide to become community leaders; and, to support and positively influence youth to remain in school and obtain viable employment.


2450 W. Blake Street

San Bernardino, CA 92407


St. John’s Community Success Center

Program for At Risk Youth. Provides after school tutoring, educational activities, sports, arts, and music.


1407 N. Arrowhead Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92405


Family Engagement Leadership Development Office

1525 W. Highland Ave, San Bernardino CA, 92411

Phone: (909) 880-4057    Fax: (909) 880-6587

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